Our team constantly monitors the appearance of the new technologies which we are not afraid to implement in our web projects.

We create only selling websites – this is an achievement of drawing the design and working out usability. The approach to each new project is individual, we treat every customer equally, regardless of the company size and its budget.

Digital and Creative
Years of Experience
Successful Projects

The team has been on the market since 2016 starting from outsourcing UI and UX design and growing the diversity of services year by year.

Now, GEMZZI is a full-stack digital agency with the specialists required for the efficient creative process from scratch.

this is us
Core Values
#1 Work for results
The client must make a profit: financial or image. The goal is more important than the route
#2 Analyze
The client's business, its competitors, its results. A successful strategy cannot be built on guesswork
#3 Don't miss out on little things
Perfectionism at every stage. Small actions have big consequences
#4 Go to meet the client
In matters of timing, size and form of payment. To be able to negotiate means to be able to work